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Sawangan Park Opens an Outdoor Fitness Equipment with the help of Stoneworks Specialist Intl., Corp.

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Due to the identification of new covid-19 variants brought about by its mutation such as the Philippine P3 variant and United Kingdom B1.1.1.7 variant, it is said that these new variants are more contagious and some like the infamous Brazilian variant are known for its dangerous immune-escape capabilities which has caused a surge in cases for numerous countries including the Philippines. It is therefore recommended that indoor places and mass gatherings should be avoided hence gyms continue to be closed. This realization has brought about a shift in how fitness should be conducted veering away from traditional closed gym into the new normal for fitness and recreation - outdoor gym and fitness equipment.

In February 2021, visitors of Sarangan Park were treated to a wonderful sight as outdoor fitness equipments were recently installed which not only created a place where one can improve their health and wellness but also a sight to see, which overlooks the Albay Gulf and the Sleepy Lion Hill which is also a tourist destination itself. The newly installed equipment can be accessed by citizens and visitors of Legaspi City in Albay, Bicol, Philippines.

Stoneworks Specialist International Corporation is proud to have been one of the first to cater to the demand of outdoor fitness and gym equipment as an anti-covid response to the new normal. The advantages of composite solutions in creating the outdoor fitness gym is that it is weatherproof, able to withstand the sun and the rain. Despite the fact that it is also stronger than most metals, it is also cheaper and flexible as seen in the artistic curves of its equipment.

If you are interested to know more about our adult fitness composite solutions, give us a call at (02) 8664 8370 or email

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