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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

While the the entire country continues the fight against a pandemic and all the troubles that comes with it, one local government unit in East Visayas fights two battles.

One, the pandemic, the other,

environmental conservation. The second front however is more than just a reduce, reuse and recycle puff piece. It is an initiative that aims to promote marine biodiversity conservation

, protection, training and management. The Pres. Carlos P. Garcia LGU of Bohol includes in its FISH VISAYAS PROJECT the initiative to create a team that will be trained in marine life management. This include how to preserve natural ecosystems in the bodies of water around Bohol and neighboring areas as well as create a monitoring system that is more efficient and sustainable for the environment.

(The M/B FISH VISAYAS, the glass bottom boat commissions by the AFOS FOUNDATION in its development stage)

Enter STONEWORKS SPECIALIST INTL. COPR., the leading fiberglass boat builder and parts manufacturer in the country!

We at STONEWORKS SPECIALIST INTL. COPR., were approached by members of the Pres. Carlos P Garcia Bohol LGU in partnership with the AFOS FOUNDATION to produce a boat with a glass bottom. A boat with a glass bottom allows for marine bio-ecosystem managers, marine biologists and rescue operators to carefully monitor the terrain underwater, perform eco-mapping studies and conduct other related research initiatives without having the need to be in the water. This both prevents unnecessary expenditures on diving expeditions which uses lots of equipment that requires careful maintenance and specially trained personnel such as divers who can expert operate said equipment. With the waters in BOHOL remaining clean and healthy, the Bohol LGUs hope to use the specialized motor boat with a glass bottom to aid in their FISH VISAYAS PROJECT. In an exclusive interview with one of the project leads, Bryan Araneta also expressed his hopes that after the pandemic, based on the stylistic and high quality design of the boat thanks to the expert craftsmanship of the workers at STONEWORKS SPECIALIST INTL. COPR., they could also use the boat as a tourism asset once the pandemic has been dealt with.

(The launching of M/B FISH VISAYAS glass bottom boat at the Manila Yacht Club for sea trial)

Want to commission us to make your boats? Contact us here! or call us at 09175262732

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